The Pros

So what is it? “Publish and be damned” someone once said! Someone else also said that any publicity is Good publicity. So publishing your own ezine has advantages and disadvantages, the first advantage being that we don’t need to cut down a forest to get it to the millions of people who might want to read your piece of prime literature.

Firstly I’ll deal with the Pros in ezine publishing, it’s an ideal business to be in if you enjoy writing as it is so easy to get started, just need a computer, an internet connection and an imagination or knowledge. No need for investments in printers, paper, property or people.

So now you have the equipment, get yourself seated in a comfortable chair in a nice well-lit part of the house and set your self up as a publisher.

In order to send to subscribers, you will need some form of broadcast capability and for that you will need an Auto Responder such as available from or, Aweber costs around $20 a month as a beginner, GetResponse is free to start with. When your list of subscribers grows, you will have to pay more! Both these systems come highly recommended.

When you write your ezine, remember, you want to make money from it, passively or directly. There are several ways to do this. You can sell advertising space in your ezine on a per issue basis, directly sell items you are producing or sell someone else’s products as an affiliate or Joint Venture partnership. This will quickly pay off the monthly fee for the Auto Responder.

The most important thing here is that You are spreading the word around that You have advertising space or products, you are building your own personal Branding online. You will use this Brand to spread your marketing influence through whatever market you are moving into or are already in. The more information you place online in your name on a given topic, for more details please visit:- the more the big guns of marketing will look to you to place their products on your ezine. So look out for those Joint Venture opportunities, as they will start flowing when your ezine reaches critical mass.

So you have many reasons for creating your own ezine, building Your online Brand and creating Brand awareness across the net, of You, an ezine is a vehicle for your monetization of the internet, once built, it can reap benefits for years with very little effort.

The Cons and how to get round them!

There’s always a down side to any business opportunity, the publishing business has many, not least the disappearing forests! So despite the benefits listed above, here are a few of the Cons, just so we keep our feet on the ground here.

The hardest part of creating an ezine is getting started, “what do I write about?” The answer is quite simple; pick a topic you LIKE! Don’t try and barge your way into a subject you know little about or are not prepared to read up on in great detail, if you do this than you will fail quickly. If you like gardening and know a bit about it or do a lot of it even not knowing much, then you can write about it. If you don’t garden, know nothing of plants or grass, then it’s difficult to write about.

You can’t spell? Well, trust spell checker, as 95% of the rest of the world can’t spell any better than you. Just bare in mind that you still need to proof read after running spell-checker as it often doesn’t recognize a well spelt word that is completely out of context. (“she was pulling her out”, instead of “she was pulling hair out”.)

You will need to have some sort of publishing schedule to give your readers some commitment. This will inevitably tie you down, however your auto responder will be able to be set up to deliver broadcasts if you are away for short periods. This just means you need to write more content before you go away!

Back to the content bit, not all of us can continually come up with new and original thoughts on a subject and we need either prompting or a little help here and there along the way. Read magazines, papers, or other ezines about the topics you are covering, every subject on earth (just about) has some form of blog or articles written about it, find them, and re-write them collate information from several papers so that you now have the definitive article where people can read the whole story, not just snippets from before and snippets from after.

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