In recent times, it seems to be more common than before to hear someone says that life is tough. The economy has not recovered from the recession well. It may be true that there are many difficult things happening in our lives. Most of them affect our lives and life styles.

There are so many foreclosures occurring in the market. This means that there are still many families who are losing their homes. Even for ones whose houses’ have not been put in foreclosure, they are suffering from experiencing high interest rates from loan return. However, their salaries have been going down for years, now. No wonder people say their lives are hard.

When Mr. Suzuki spun out of his previous employment, it was during the ‘dot-com’ company’s recession. He was stationed in New York at that time. He did not like his company order to send him back to Tokyo. He had a vision to be successful in the US. He did not want to give up his dream. However, it was the worst time to leave. He could not find a job. His visa was going to expire because he lost his sponsorship following his resignation.

In addition, he had family problems. His wife did not like the idea of her husband staying in the US. She wanted to go back to Japan, and hence, she wanted a divorce when she heard of her husband’s idea. He needed to take care of his family problems, as well. His situation was almost like a crowd of angry people marching into a storm. He found someone who wanted to hire him in Japan. In order to prevent his wife from divorcing him, he decided to go back to Japan to work. He was hired as No.3 leadership position of a company with 50 employees, but he could not agree with his employer on the company management.

Mr. Suzuki thought it did not make sense if he continued to look for a job, despite his dream to be successful for his own business. He decided to go back to the US. He looked for his business partner. He met one woman who shared her business vision with him. They started their own business.

Business was not easy because of the bad economy, but they worked hard. Later Mr. Suzuki married to his business partner. Since she was an American, she could sponsor him to get him a Green Card.

Mr. Suzuki is not yet successful to his own satisfaction. Still, he is happy to work in the US with his new wife. He tells himself that it was the right decision to spin out of his previous employment. He remembers that a lot happened in his life. He believes that the best decision he made was not to over-react to the problems in his life. He took his time, relaxed, and carefully addressed his problems.

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