tatistics have shown that 25% of families in this country DO NOT have any type of life insurance. The remaining 75% who do have insurance, DO NOT have the insurance they really need. Those are some alarming figures! The fact is we all experience numerous changes during the course of our lifetimes. Some minor, others quite major. Doesn’t it make sense that when there are changes in our lives, changes should also be made to our insurance policy as well?

Here are some examples of changes that may occur in your life and make you take a second look at your insurance policy…

Let’s say that you just got engaged. Getting married is a drastic change. This is a huge reason to increase your coverage. You are marrying the person that you plan on spending the rest of your life with. Naturally, you will want to make sure that life time together is well protected.

You and your new spouse will be joining assets, (even debts); your valuables are now combined. You will want to protect it all. And what if one of you should unexpectedly die. You want to make sure the loved one left behind is well taken care of for the rest of their life.

Let’s say that both you and your new spouse are both working and you invest in a new home. Then, one of you should die, without proper coverage, the serving spouse is now forced to live on just one income. They most likely won’t be able to support themselves and pay the mortgage on a new home. Without the proper coverage, they could lose the house.

We’ll back up her a bit. You get married… you change your insurance policy. You buy a new home… you change your insurance policy. Now you decide to start a family. You guessed it. You change your insurance policy!

Another huge reason to adjust your policy. You want to protect your children too. (For the next 18 years anyway). And don’t forget about looking into life insurance quotes for your children as well. We’ve said it before, the younger you are when you purchase life insurance, the lower the rates will be.


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