The cologne is a trend setter for the macho man. The choice and preference reflects the lifestyle and personality of an individual.

Man is generally considered handsome and attractive by the dress sense and the perfume he sports. It reflects the class and economic background.

Previously perfumes were used to mask the body odor due to perspiration but now it has become a style statement.

Varieties of perfumes have flooded the market. The choice varies from each individual. The young and flamboyant prefer the refreshing and spicy smell to enhance the casual and relaxed style. The adventurous and the travel freaks are catered the fresh and light natural flavor of the woods. For a special occasion like a date or a dinner out with a girl a spicy and masculine natural flavor is recommended. More complex, masculine and traditional smell are preferred for business meets to suit the formal outfits.

There are international companies who market their expensive concoctions to tap the celebrity’s and top notch of the society.

The cologne for men -a match to life style and personality can be rated online,

Men are usually loyal to the brands they initially fancy. They start getting the feel of the smell from their teens. The choice reflects on their personality and the life style they prefer to live in, and continue using it.

Designer colognes are gaining popularity with the celebrities and the business tycoons. The product enhances their class and outlook

To create a long and lasting impression among the women, the men should opt for a choice that is highly appealing. If you are keen on making your presence felt even after you leave the scenario then chose the product which highlights your tough personality and lifestyle.

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