Water is essential for our life. If we don’t drink water we become dehydrated. To keep ourselves hydrated we need to consume a certain amount of water every day. It forms sixty percent of our total weight. By itself, water is tasteless. It is difficult to drink plain water when we are not thirsty. Flavored water is a good option when compared to colas and other soft drinks which have a lot of sugar and is harmful for health in the long run.

There are many manufacturers who sell bottled water with different flavors added to it. Some of them are really very tasty. They not only make us want to drink water but are also good for our health. They contain various types of natural minerals and herbs which give the water a different flavor and make it easy for us to drink water.

Many people, children and adults, do not like having bland water. So, they have colas, coffee or tea. If taken in large quantities, these are harmful for our health. When water is flavored with herbs and other minerals, it tastes very good. Some of the flavored water companies add sugar while others do not add sugar. As too much sugar is not good for health, it is best for adults to have flavored water without sugar.

You can make flavored water at home by adding different flavors to the water that you drink. You can add lemons, pineapple, watermelon, ginger, basil leaves etc. You can also make flavored ice cubes and add it to the water that you drink to add flavor to it. You can also add coconut extracts, chocolate flavor, mint, grape juice etc. You can also add the flavor of oranges or strawberry. You can also add peppermint candy to get a peppermint flavor. You can add cucumber slices to make the water tasty. You can even add a little bit of coffee to get a coffee flavor. When such water is cooled it really tastes good is very refreshing.

The reason to choose flavored water is that they do not contain empty calories like colas and have not carbohydrates or empty calories. It is essential to drink the necessary amount of water daily. This helps us to maintain the body temperature and helps in flushing out the waste from our body. For some of us it is very difficult as we find plain water without any flavor very dull, boring and tasteless. The flavors added not only make it interesting, tasty and refreshing, but is also good for our health, as we get the juice of the fruits and herbs in this manner.

Choose the flavored bottled water that you are going to drink, with care. For a healthy lifestyle, it should not contain sugar or artificial sweeteners. It should have natural flavors without artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors and preservatives. Do not buy flavored bottled water that claim to calm you or give you extra energy as these would not have been tested for the same.


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