Can you actually learn life lessons from running?


I enjoyed running in the past because it connected me to my surroundings, it let me discover new places and it was an easy way to stay in shape. I was a jogger – not a runner!

Over the last year I have developed a true passion for running.

So what does it take to convert a fitness jogger into an avid runner?

A goal!

For the last decade I had the desire to run a marathon, but a variety of incidents in my life kept me from truly pursuing and prioritizing that dream – injuries, a car accident, and the birth of 3 children.

Finally, I decided last spring in anticipation of my 40th birthday in October to train for a marathon. And that was a transformation! I didn’t realize the enormous impact of a concrete and exciting goal. Sure, I knew intellectually – but living it, experiencing it and feeling it in every cell of my body was different!

I developed a training plan that made sense for my life style and my personality. I ran 3 times per week and cross-trained 2-3 times per week which allowed me to have the variety and flexibility that I need and want.

I wasn’t always in the mood to work out – but knowing that each training would get me closer to my goal made even the hardest ones enjoyable.

Before my marathon, I got sick and had to interrupt my training. I was getting wor

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