Almost everyone these days is too preoccupied about their own troubles, they become blind to the world around them. The power of observation, as philosophy says, is ignored by everyone. The obvious never catches their eye. I happen to be a person among the general ones who is too depressed and cannot look towards other people’s troubles but something today caught my eye. I happened to be passing through Bandra Terminus and what I saw, shocked me, amazed me and made me feel too low. I was stunned and started to think Is Life Fair? This question was not based on my life, my struggles or my hardships rather it was based on people who truly should ask this question.

I saw beggars everywhere, I saw slums, I saw children asking for a rupee, I saw infants not more than a year or two old stranded in the middle of a walking way with a bowl for people to fill in with coins. These infants were laid on small mattresses, perhaps mattress is too royal a term. I could not believe what I saw. I could not look at these small children. I began asking questions to myself. Why are these children so unlucky? Why did their mother give birth to them? What about the mentality of their parents? What would their mother’s heart be feeling? How on earth can such a thing be possible? If child trafficking was involved, how can any human being perform such a cruel act? What about their future? The first thing these children would learn would be begging. I moved to other places throughout the day and I found child labor rampant in the city. That’s a debate for another day and I have seen it happen across all states but extreme poverty, slum life, infant begging, life’s hardships at its worst are some of the specialties that Mumbai would offer if you have got the eye of the beholder.

I would once again stress the importance of the question Is Life Fair? I sit at Marine Drive looking at highly qualified people, tall buildings, royal life styles, cars of top brands and children enjoying the tides and city lights. I hold nothing against them, as a matter of fact I look at them with happiness, sincerity and pride but then what fault did those begging children commit? Why can’t everyone be at par or at least have the same upbringing? Why have we created such a system in which the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer? Nobody in the world would be able to answer these questions and no one expects the answer to them but the thing of importance is that one should develop an eye and have a heart to at least raise such questions. Individuals, like you and me can be of help perhaps saving a life or two and society as a whole can work wonders and save these children and let them enjoy their childho

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