Entertainment and style is the order of the day all around the globe and many people are now looking up to their idols for the style they got. Kimora lee Simmons is one of the leading role models which a lot of fans have all been looking up to with her distinct style and her a great way of entertaining the crowd.

This ex-model has got what it takes to drive her fans wild with ENTERTAINMENT. She is beautiful, tall and feminine, this won her many awards during the days of her modeling career where her distinct style was pronounced and it drove the audience wild during her walk on the Runway exhibiting various dresses by different designers. she is now an entertainer with a distinct style, even though she has 3 lovely kids, Kimora is still looking beautiful and fit, she has helped greatly in entertaining her audience in her show that has various series which is shown on E NEWS channel, ‘KIMORA; LIFE ON THE FABOULOUS LANE’ there she talks about her life and how greatly motherhood has helped her out.

Kimora has made great ways of involving upcoming models to have a sense of belonging in giving them opportunity to showcase her dresses on the Runway. Kimora has different ways which she uses to entertain her fans; she organizes various parties in her boutique to give people a sense of belonging in her fabulous lane. One of her latest way of entertainment was the photo shoot which was organized by Ebony magazine of her two (2) lovely daughers, her new son and her new man.


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