Receiving the diagnosis that one is HIV positive is one of the most devastating pieces of news anyone could receive. From that point on every aspect of that person’s life and those around them changes. There are so many mental and emotional processes which the person needs to go through in order to move past states of grief and despair into states of acceptance and hope for a bright future. This is not easy, and requires a strong mind, a mind which accepts the situation and decides not to be defeated by it.

Some people are fortunate enough to have loved ones around them who support them and who help them to make the transition into the new phase of their lives, but for a great many this support system is lacking making the challenge even more difficult. There is hope however for all who are HIV positive, hope for a long and productive life and also hope for those who feel like they have no one to turn to.

Support Systems

As mentioned before there is no better support system than that of the loving support of one’s family and friends, however there are also other support systems put in place to help those who are HIV positive to deal with the emotional, mental and physical challenges.

When someone finds out that they are HIV positive the first place where they can seek help and support would be at the clinic or HIV testing facility where they have received the diagnosis. You will find a wealth of information at government hospitals and clinics with regards to HIV and AIDS. There are many support groups as well for HIV positive people. These groups allow people to share their journeys and gain strength from one another’s stories and victories.

Healthy lifestyle

When one has accepted the situation you come to realise that HIV doesn’t mean that life stops, and that by making certain changes to ones diet and life style, a long and healthy life can be enjoyed. Besides getting the necessary medication there are many changes that one could make in order to stay fit and healthy.


Physical exercise is very important for everybody especially for those who need to keep their immune system strong. Physical exercise does not necessarily mean going to the gym, or running on a daily basis, it could be something fun like dancing as well. What is important is that you get your heart rate up as well as strength training.

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