Imagine this life style: You leisurely wake up at 8:00 am or later. You look out and most of your neighbors are already at work or they are on the way there.

And what is this copywriter doing?

You may be getting ready to take a leisurely jog, a work out at the gym and perhaps some breakfast and later spending some time with your family.

This is not just a dream for a group of people who have taken the plunge into a copywriting career.

Many people choose copywriting over other forms of ‘work from home’ careers because it offers a great income and the flexibility to work how and when they wish. You do have to produce but on your time schedule.

Other factors to be considered may include:

– Work at home convenience: No need to get up early and have to worry about traffic jams and parking issues!

-Very Lucrative income: Good copywriters get paid up to 4 figure sums a project and great copywriters command 5 figures for a project!

-Always potential for growth: As your reputation grows and spreads you will have more projects coming in. You may have the need to hire extra people to help you out, and if you have the desire, you can expand and grow your own copywriting company!

– Repeat business: Clients who love your work will keep coming back to you again and again! They will also recommend you to other people who will become your clients.

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