Are you one of these people that believe fervently that there is a better way to create wealth and happiness than working longer hours for an ungrateful and uncaring boss…and although you punish your body in the gym, you realise it will take more than just physical fitness to break free.

Well, it certainly helps, and those that treat their bodies like a temple certainly do enjoy a much more illness-free existence, and relative freedom from stress.

However there is one other area that many people ignore – at their peril – and that is the stress of keeping up with ‘The System’ – that is working harder, getting the toys you want, then having to work harder to pay for them – in a vicious spiral.

The System?

Yes – The System…

Most people are dragged into ‘The System’ from a very early age, and only a very few people ever manage to escape it – less than 1% in fact…and you can always tell those who have bucked this system, and done their own thing.

The System we are talking about here is a spin-off from the Industrial Revolution where the workers were paid just enough to meet their basic needs but not enough so that any of them could actually leave and do their own thing.

This has been translated into modern day society in that we are all taught from an early age that we should go to school, get a good education, get a good job, and work all your life until it comes to retirement. At least in the early days of the Industrial Revolution, many employers provided special houses for the long serving employees, so there was a good reason to be faithful and dutiful towards their bosses.

Perhaps until 50 or 60 years ago, a similar situation was in place with all sorts of State run pension schemes and the like – but not any more. If you are still holding to that old myth, that all you have to do is what generations have done before you – work long and hard all your life- and at retirement, the State will look after your needs, well think again, as the Baby Boomer era (those born just after the Second World War) start to sap the remaining life out of pension funds.

But look what is happening on the retirement front – are governments trying to make the situation better or worse? Well, they are running scared, as they are also fully aware the effect the massive expansion in retirement needs of the Baby Boomers are going to have on the economy, and are possibly looking at billions more needed in pension payouts. With more and more people looking for a wealthier life style, this is going to cause a lot of political issues.

In many countries in the world, there is much talk about governments increasing the age to qualify for your pension, and many are opting for the time you reach 70, rather than the old established retirement age of 65.

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