It is always a big debate that which option is better: working mom or stay at home mom. However, one thing is clear that both types of moms work hard. The question that arises here is that which position is better for a woman: Working mom position or stay at home position. This is extremely difficult to answer this question. In this article, we will try to study the pro, cons of each type of mom, and will try to find out the answer.

It is very clear fact for any person who has children, that it is not a simple task at all to bring up children and it is even truer in case they are toddlers or infants. It is tiresome job and can compete with any full-time job. Kids require constant care and attention in each work that they do. In addition, if the child is infant, then he is very dependent on others for his or her every need. They are not able to explain their needs to anyone, it is the job of the person who is taking care of the infant to understand when the child is feeling hungry or when he needs some medicine or when he needs nappy change.

As the child grows, his needs undergo change. No one can understand the needs of a child better than his mother. She is the closest person for her child. No one can substitute parental care for kids, no baby sitter, no day care not even any relative can take the place of the things that parents do for their kids. The best care to kids is provided at home and there are no doubts about it. The kids that are brought up in day care are likely to face more aggression and stress in comparison to those kids that are bought up at home.

The moms that decide to stay at home to take care of their kids get the chance to supervise all the actions of their kids. It is the best way to ensure that the kids are being provided the right kind of environment and are given all the love and attention that they require. It helps them keeping in touch with their kids and they can keep in track with all the physical and emotional changes of the child. They have the best opportunity to witness each new thing that happens in the life of their kid. This is the reason that some mothers take upbringing of their kids as the most rewarding career that they could have. No other job can compare with seeing your kids growing in front of your eyes.

In some families, it is a more convenient and affordable option for mothers to stay at home and take care of kids. They find it more expensive to pay for the expenses of baby sitter or day care center. In this way, they also get freedom from the fear about their kid being brought up in unknown atmosphere. They have surety that their kid’s upbringing is in comfortable and supportive environment. Women can spend more time with their kids and spouse in this way and that helps in building healthy relationships. They can maintain their home more efficiently by staying at home.

However, when we see the things from the point of view of women then we see the things from another angle. For some women it is not an easy job to be a housewife. It is especially for those women who were used to live a working life. They were used to be accompanied by friends and colleagues but when they start living at home they feel loneliness to some extent. It may cause stress and may even lead to depression. It is even more difficult for those who were career conscious. They feel loss of identity by staying at home. For some women, working is crowded offices is much comfortable in comparison to changing diapers and doing all the household work.

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