First let us look at what benefits you can get from life insurance. It is normally not subject to income tax as well as capital gains tax. A life insurance policy can be designed in different ways. The two major ones are term and whole/universal life policies. Whole policies differ from term ones in that they build what is known as cash value.

The funds that insurer holds are earning interest rate, whenever a payment is made to your beneficiary both principal and interest earned by that principal or only interest wherein the principal portion of the payment is tax free but the portion of the interest is taxable to your beneficiary as normal or ordinary income.

If in case you transfer the ownership of your insurance policy to another person before your death due to considerate reason, then the proceeds paid to the beneficiary at your death could be taxable income to the beneficiary.

So as possible, learn or educate yourself in regards to insurance. It is important to know everything you need to know before buying life coverage. There is lots of question t to be asked and need an answer regarding life insurance. Life insurance is good since it protects or provides your family financially according to their life style when the insured individual dies.

Some of the factors especially in regards with beneficiary tax are so confusing that is why, when you plan to buy life insurance, you need to know what is inside the policy, what covers and does your beneficiary have to pay tax in getting the claims.

Life insurance provides a tax free cash benefit to the beneficiaries when the insured person dies, that’s the insurance beneficiary laws. Insurance companies must verify that an insurable interest exist between the beneficiary and the insured wherein the payout passes to beneficiary under contract law directly to the beneficiary which provide the name.

Take note, minor beneficiary may cause unforeseen problems so never have a minor beneficiary since it need guardian that will take care of the claims or money. Insurance protects beneficiary upon the death of the insured and the insured person should name a beneficiary since it’s the beneficiary who collect a death benefit if the insured dies within the term of insurance.

Actually, beneficiaries can use the insurance benefits they receive in any way he see and feel it fit. They can also use it to pay bills or whatever the beneficiary wants to do with the money. Most policy owners name both primary and contingent beneficiaries where in it allows the death benefit to flow through to another person if in case the primary beneficiary dies.

One of the most advantage of insurance is that the proceeds are not taxable and if ever the beneficiary die before the insured person do and the insured person did not designate new beneficiary, then that proceeds becomes part of the estate and are taxable income to whoever inherit the estate.

There are many things to learn about insurance aside from the beneficiaries, tax, benefits, laws, etc. Try to do some research before purchasing life insurance. Know the different type of life insurance as well since there are many to choose from. Get the life insurance which you think is right for your needs.

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