I wanted to write this blog for one reason. According to Forbes Magazine, there are approximately 40 million people who are going to be looking to start a home based business. I personally believe that even in the current economic conditions more people will be looking to replace their income, and come into our industry.

Everyone will resonate with a different home based business. But this article gives you the yardstick, from my personal experiences over the last 3 years in this industry, to compare the company you want to partner with. If you do your research well, using these points, it will help you immensely so that you can an informed decision for yourself.

1. Find a Business That Has a Unique Product With High Demand in the Market Place.

I found out that there are a lot of businesses out there on the internet that are too similar. The Nutrition and Supplement department of our industry is a perfect example. If you go into this areas with a new nutrition product, it will be very difficult to break into the market and overtake those that have been in the market for 50-60 years.

Also the product must have a high demand in the market place. If people try to convince you to join their company, ask yourself ‘if this product did not have money making opportunity attached to it, more info please visit:-https://xfantacyx.com http://housebeautifully.com/ would it have been of any benefit to me at all? If your answer is no then be a bit careful because not many people are going to need it.

2. The Company Has Really Lucrative Compensation Plan.

This is really important. Why? Because you want to paid big upfront commission on the front end as well as big residual commission on the back end. Most companies pay either a big upfront commission and small residual back end commission, or the other way round. You want the first situation because it will give momentum to go and make more sales if you are paid a big upfront commission. And also a big back end residual commission will give you enough money to rely on when you retire or are unable to work.

3. Marketing System and Training.

I found out that a lot of companies come short on this big time. You know you can have the best products, best compensation plan, BUT if the company does not have a sound, tried and tested, duplicatable marketing and training system in place, you are not going to make any money. Why? Because products do not sell themselves. Marketing and training does. So ensure the company you are trying to partner with have this in place. If you don’t like hotel meetings, and this is your company’s means of marketing, then my advice be wary! The future of marketing in on the internet. If you the company does not have an effective internet marketing system, they are probably behind the times and you are going to struggle if you join them.

4. Company Management

Do your homework. Make sure you research those behind the company. How long have they been in this industry? Have they been profitable before or they just in it for a quick buck? You don’t want to wake up one day to find out that the company owners have absconded with the company profits.

5. Global Expansion

Does the company intend to go global? Or can the business be done only in US? I found out that marketing information products attract less red tape than consumables. This is because consumables like supplements have too much legislation on them from country to country.

6. Does the Company Give Back?

What is the company doing to impact lives in the future and even now? Of what benefit are they to society?

7. Support and Training Network

This is extremely important and again a lot of companies come short on this. If people are going to start on a new adventure, do they have to rely solely on their sponsor or is there a team of successful members who can guide them through the steps they need to take to be successful?

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