Can iPods, MP3s and Ear Buds Cause Hearing Loss?

In the 1950s people said that Rock and Roll was evil. With good reason because there are raised concerns about hearing loss in young people. This is largely due to their increased use of iPod’s and Mp3’s and Ear Buds playing rock music at higher than acceptable volumes. Since the 1980’s, there have been many personal music instruments around like […]

Creating a Comfortable Home – Easy Ways to Enjoy the Home Life

Creating a comfortable home is giving your home that “at home” feeling, so the people whom you share your life can feel cozy, pampered and free to be themselves. If you think your home doesn’t feel pretty, it may just need a few comfortable qualities and pleasures added. Beauty has many faces and doesn’t need a whole redecorating project for your […]

Account Based Marketing – Why Businesses Should Consider It

Account-based marketing or ABM has been around for a very long time, but it is only now that people are really paying attention to it and implementing it closely and more consciously as part of their marketing campaign. It involves taking your resources and placing them all on a set of targeted accounts within the market. The business strategy uses […]