In today’s nascent knowledge society, individual knowledge workers need to create a body of work. This body of work can serve as the basis for personal branding. Web 2.0 paradigms provide an ideal platform for creating mind-share for this body of work, UniMediaWeb helping an individual to connect and integrate with a community.


One enters existence as a nameless bundle of life. Soon one gets a name, and with it, one’s brand. Thereafter this name serves as one’s identity and brand. The rest of one’s life is devoted to the management of this personal brand in a half-conscious, half-sub-conscious, renabyggsystem and sometimes even an unconscious manner. The scope of this management necessarily covers all aspects of living. However, this discussion will focus on the socio-professional aspects.

Knowledge-society – imminent and inevitable

The transition to a knowledge society is underway. Let us consider some examples:


  • Google was founded on a search algorithm fotballrevyen – it has a market cap of 150+ Billion USD. In comparison, the market cap of Toyota, the world’s leading car maker, is 100+ Billion USD. (all figures as of 22-Jul-2010)
  • iFart – an iPhone App with a self-suggesting if indelicate theme – developed with minimal effort,non-functional and trivial, and yet has earned over a million USD
  • Alex Tew’s Million Dollar Homepage – Alex funded his college education by selling pixel ads on his website
  • Microsoft is paying – yes paying – developers to port iPhone Apps/Games for Windows Phone 7


This diverse set of examples is meant to suggest how knowledge in the information age is emerging as an equivalent to capital and labor in the industrial age. It demonstrates the potential of knowledge, lofotenbirding expressed through innovation and ideation, stinessystue as a wealth-creation tool, both for an individual and a group. Therefore, in the completely-commercialized world of the 21st century, the creation of a knowledge society appears to be imminent and inevitable.


A knowledge society is built from and by knowledge workers. A healthy society needs each knowledge worker to assume his rightful station. Such an optimal arrangement depends greatly on an individual’s ability to effectively communicate his knowledge. However, it is a challenge to communicate something as nebulous and intangible as human knowledge. A mere listing of facts and figures, academic qualifications, professional achievements, awards et cetera in conventional forms like CV or resume may not be sufficient. The requirement in the present context is a body of work to cover the entire spectrum of an individual’s capabilities – present and potential.


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