The best reasons to learn affiliate marketing is that it doesn’t matter that you don’t have a list, don’t have a product and don’t have a website – that can all come later! With some simple systems and using free online resources you can quickly and easily start an affiliate marketing business and scale up for six figure earnings. simpeldecoratie

This article will run through the principles you need to follow when you learn affiliate marketing and how to become one of those big named super affiliates! Gratitude

You need a funnel
Whether you’re a bum marketer, write reviews or just starting to learn affiliate marketing you need a funnel for your visitors to flow through. This is your virtual real estate, affiliate marketing funnels the “money page” and refers traffic through to the product who completes the final sale, takes the cash and pays your a percentage.

A top view of your funnel would look like this. First traffic Rug service Vegas (one) is driven to your money page (two) and then sent to a sales page (three). This simple three step process can be refined and expanded, make the funnel deeper and more appealing for massive bumps in your earning potential.

Here’s the idea. You pour lots of visitors in at the top and a smaller percentage come out the bottom. That’s why it’s a funnel and that’s why traffic and conversion are very important. Even if you’re just starting to learn affiliate marketing this is something you need to remember.

Traffic and Conversions
When you start to learn affiliate marketing it is important that you understand from day one that the best affiliate marketers out there focus on traffic and conversions. Nothing happens without traffic and poorly converting pages are like a leaking pipe.

If you’re going to succeed online just become an expert at this and you’re nearly there.

Types of Sales Funnel
Your sales funnel or system is limited only by your imagination. The ways in which your drive traffic to your money page are rich and varied. Some use classic review based websites that pass traffic onto the merchant sites. Whilst others use an elaborate system that capture email addresses, passes the visitor onto a one time offer followed by series of upsellls and downsells.

Regardless which route you take, jeeter juice carts the important thing is to get started. Put together a simple system that has the potential to grow and be refined.

The Affiliate System of the Super Affiliates
Super affiliates are responsible for tens of thousands of dollars in sales for each product they elect to promote. Whilst they all tend to promote in different ways, reptilesuniverse the biggest guns and consistent sellers all use the same system.

It’s this system that you should try to employ when you learn affiliate marketing and if you’re anything like me – you’ll know it and do something else before returning to it.

Build a simple system that captures your visitors email details, promote an affiliate product on your thank you page and follow up with regular emails. Your follow up emails will consistent of quality content (only a few paragraphs) coupled with affiliate product recommendations that can help solve their problems. Test Bank Shop


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