Branding a business is a curious thing – especially when talking about tips booklets in the publishing world. It can look many ways. And that is the best way to keep it strong – by doing a theme and variations that continuously reinforces the core. In this case, it’s tips booklets.

During the 22 years since creating that small reference guide about organizing one’s business life, there has been a lot of morphing. Well-meaning, well-intended friends, colleagues, clients, prospective clients, family members, and those who cannot be categorized have said some form of “Why booklets – why not books?” jeddahvape

They do mean well.

The simple answer is that the brand is booklets, further distinguished as tips booklets. It can be booklets written by one author or several. It can be printed or downloaded. It can be in English or any other language. It’s a few thousand words of pithy how-to’s.

The primary purpose from early on was and continues to be to use tips booklets as marketing tools, whether one copy at a time or distributed in large numbers to encourage discovery of other products or services. And they are an educational tool, full of how-to’s. They become a soft sell for the booklet’s author and for companies and associations who buy lots and lots of them to give away and/or re-sell. sob-bau

There aren’t many (if any other) people whose core business is tips booklets.

Some people have put booklets close to the front of their business or added them as another product. Those folks are not known for tips booklets. They are known for other things or their identity is ambiguous.

Why does any of this matter? Ponder this: in the days of search engine optimization and mobility and social media, it’s easier than ever to be found.

Although my personal name is slightly unusual, people remember booklets or tips booklets. People who heard interviews I gave years ago, read articles I wrote in the last century, even bought products from me who weren’t ready to do a
booklet until now – they find me because of the tips booklets branding.

Now they are ready to take their first or next step. In fact, you may be one of those people. You’ve been a subscriber of this ezine since the first issues, thinking tips booklets were interesting. And the timing was never right. odozapato

You’ve had the nagging idea about wanting to write a BOOK or thinking you should write a book, and that hasn’t happened. A tips booklet seems do-able, and maybe that has yet to become a reality. And yet you know the resource for a tips booklet lives on, over two decades later, reliably morphing, gathering new information, ready to serve when you’re ready to move forward.

ACTION – Determine what your brand is if you don’t already know. Is it a product,

a delivery method, a perspective, a particular approach, or something else? Any of

that qualifies. One dear friend and colleague is a business coach, Sandra Martini. Her brand is Extreme Client CareTM. Any question in your mind about that, regardless of what product or service she offers? Taylor Swift, the singer-songwriter, IS a brand. rtp500

She not only sings and writes songs, she has merchandise, as do many performers. Well known beverage products are solid brands while adding new products and new formats and delivery methods. What is YOUR brand and how do you let the world know about it and you?


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