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Go to and just above the search box you’ll see the text link titled ‘News’. Click this to get a standard news format featuring World News, UFA88MM Weather, Sports and the usual fare.

Let’s assume for a moment that you are a realtor who specializes in Virginia Beach, VA real estate. Click on, ‘edit this personalized page’ in the upper right-hand corner and enter the keywords for the news you want delivered to your personalized news page. You might choose Virginia Beach Real Estate, Virginia Mortgage, Virginia Fore Closures, Virginia HUD Properties and Home Interest Rates.

Presto! You now have a customize news page that delivers current and breaking Virginia real estate related news to your browser at a glance.

For more detail please visit these sites:-

As a web designer and SEO developer I stay on top of what’s happening with the major search engines and the hi-tech sectors.
I set my Google news page to display news for SEO, (Search Engine Optimization), Sci/Tech, Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Top Stories.

Let’s presume you are a Virginia attorney, you could set your Google news page to; US Supreme Court, Virginia Appellate Court, Virginia Beach Local Courts, Crime Busters and so on.

Depending on your career track or what interests you the most, you can personalize your Google news page for virtually any person, place or thing!


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