There are plenty of discount and online stores buying slightly outdated hockey equipment from Nike, Adidas, Bauer, Oakley and more, then selling to customers at a fraction of their retail value.

While new hockey equipment can cost thousands of dollars for a full suite of gear for one goalie, discount hockey stores can sell last year’s big-name brand skates for as little as $50, hockey store helmets for $100 and chest protectors for just $50. From these dealers you can buy equipment for ice hockey, roller or street hockey, even field hockey. Ask around for the best deals and locations.

Competition in the business of selling discounted hockey equipment online is tough, so online stores offer added incentives like free shipping, gifts jerseys, key-chains and watches. They also provide discounts for bulk orders and concessions for registering on their sites. You can also buy discount hockey equipment from brick-and-mortar sports equipment stores and outlets. If you live near one of these stores, it’s worth a trip so that you can take a look at the overall stock and try some of it on for size and feel. Prices may not be as low as for online though, so check out all your options.

The truth is, hockey equipment remains basically the same year after year except for simple design changes. And goalie equipment, being designed for much greater protection than regular equipment, is comprised of more parts and is therefore much more expensive. So, for a street player or small-town team, buying at discount or online can’t be beat.


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