Making money with money is not very easy if you do not have a clear financial goal in place. A robust and clear financial goal guides you in choosing the right strategies that would ultimately lead to a growth in your investment returns. Money obviously attracts money but the timing and the domain of investment plays a very significant role.

Investment comes with its own perils and if you are ready to take the risks then there is absolutely nothing that can keep you away from achieving your financial goals. If you have a decent saving or have just landed with a windfall then it is time that you seriously look at the investment avenues open to you. Some of the investment options that you can seriously explore are: bespaar blog

Savings Accounts – By far the safest of all investments and you are free to use the money whenever you wish to. The banks pay interest on your savings because you allow them to use your money. This investment is perfect for those who are satisfied with the small interest amount offered by the banks (around 1.5 percent) and are not ready to take greater investment risks.

Certificates of Deposit – If you want to enjoy higher rate of interest on your money then you can invest your money on Certificates of Deposit. The money has to be invested for a certain period of time bespaartip website but the interest rates are obviously higher. CDs are low risk investment and investors are required to deposit a minimum of $500 to open a Certificate of Deposit account. Investors are penalized if they withdraw the money before the end of the lock in period.

Mutual Funds – The safest answer to “how do I make money with money” has to be mutual fund investments. The mutual fund gives you an opportunity to pool your funds with other investors to purchase stocks of a variety of companies. There are mutual fund managers who manage the investments on various stocks. Risks on mutual fund investments are much lower than investment in stocks as your funds are distributed to buy a variety of stocks, so if one stock performs poorly then the other ones balance the losses. The initial investment on mutual funds is higher and you are bound to bear the fees like “load”, which the mutual fund managers charge for managing your account.

Stocks – This is the mother of all investments as you invest your money on high risk stocks which vary according to the value of the shares in the stock market. There is no guarantee that you would get back your money ivu but there is always a chance of getting huge returns if the stocks perform exceptionally. Investing in stocks implies that you are a shareholder in the company and any ups and downs in the share’s performance will directly affect your investments. So if you are really keen on answering the question “how do I make money with money” then you have to place your bet on stocks to make it large.


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