I started this a month ago:

It’s been quite awhile since my last post. Lots on my mind but ketodietposts not much pouring out on paper. Last night, I was checking on the weather channel for the weekend outlook, and instead, I saw the earthquake unfolding in Japan.

Mesmerized, I watched as reporters described the devastation with increasing details. Video clips of walls of mud pushing hundreds of vehicles inland – most, very likely, still with passengers. My heart and the hearts of the global family caught in my chest in a synchronized ache. There is no way to understand the scope of this phenomenon by watching safely from one’s, legalsolid own warm home thousands of miles away.

Tsunami warnings for the countries touching the Pacific Ocean immediately went out and people watched uneasily through the night, tracking the 500 + MPH speed of the waves.

This morning, I called my daughter to see if she’d, valorantis heard anything about it. She said she had not and reminded me that she didn’t have TV. “Oh,” I said, forgetting that she had cut herself off from the American advertisers and stupid sitcoms. She does have a top notch big screen TV with 3 terabytes of storage for a gazillion movies. A terabyte is a number that reminds me of the national debt. So huge as to be past my comprehension. She spends quite a bit of time watching many movies and old versions of her fave shows.

She thinks this is better than TV. I’m not so sure. If the world is relatively predictable and our leaders and citizens are rather trustworthy, well, it would make sense that even though there were ups and downs, gamerdidi living isolated from the “bad news” dished up daily could make sense. After all, aren’t we supposed to follow our bliss and ignore the bad stuff?

I’m not so sure. It seems that the tide has changed and many people are no longer content to live oblivious of their environment. Like they say, people who don’t take care of their liberty don’t really deserve to have it – and the liberty that we have left is nothing like what we had 10 years ago. But, I digress.

Stuff happens in the world. Much of it is amazingly wonderful,basketoffers and much of that goes unnoticed, even when the great stuff is our own.

The times, they are a-changing. Make sure you are not caught just looking at the ground or just up to the, lastgain end of your own nose.


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