I would like to explain why using computer software applications is the fastest way to learn French. This method is especially effective for those just beginning to learn French but I believe it is also the best way for intermediate and advanced users.

Benefits of learning French using computer software

There are many benefits to using computer software to learn French rather than the classroom environment of taking a course in school or getting private tutoring.

1. Flexible time schedule – using computer software, there is no need to adhere to an inflexible schedule of a classroom meeting time. The computer software is ready and available any time to meet even the most demanding of life activity schedules.

2. Media can be transported anywhere – Thanks to the portable MP3 devices such as the iPod, educational materials for learning French such as software courses can be listened to and read in the car, on the plane, or at any location whatsoever. I listen to French audio in my car on the way to and from my office of employment.

3. Images + Audio + Video – Computer software excels in presenting the user with a rich experience of images, audio clips, and video clips.

4. Multiple speaker voices – Computer software uses voice audio recordings of several French speakers so that the student gets real world exposure of the variety of voices that one encounters when traveling to France.

5. Comprehensive advancement path – Computer software applications are great for learning the basics and then building from the basics.

6. Cost is inexpensive – French Language software is much less expensive than private tutoring and is even less expensive than public classes.

French language software applications

I tried 4 of the leading software applications for learning to speak the French language. I wanted to evaluate how effective they were.

The application that I believe will allow one to learn French in the shortest amount of time is Rosetta Stone French. The immersion learning method promotes rapid comprehension and the high quality of the teaching materials provides a strong methodology for learning the French language. 토토사이트

Rosetta Stone French is the most expensive of the French language software applications I tested but I believe that the additional cost is worth it because the user can learn French faster.

Rocket French is a French language software application that I found to be effective, especially for beginners. The on-line version is very economical compared to Rosetta Stone French. There is also a physical version of the product available for additional cost.

Berlitz French Premier is a very economical French language software application that is available in the form of a physical product. The strength of the Berlitz product is the excellent dramatized videos of French conversations. This feature benefits intermediate and advanced users but the product is not the best choice for beginners.

Immersion French is a French language software application that I found to be less effective as the competitors. This was because the learning method was based on playing a series of games. However, the method may be preferred by other users.


I recommend Rosetta Stone French for all users who would like to learn French in the quickest amount of time and have the financial resources to invest in the product. For beginners just starting to learn French and who are more budget-constrained.

I recommend the on-line version of Rocket French. The low cost of the on-line version is also more appropriate for those who only want to learn enough French for travelling. Be sure to sign up for the free 6-day trial offer so that you will be happy with the product before you make the final purchase decision. There is no risk involved.


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