eBay is an online shopping and bidding site for all interested buyers and sellers. dellrepairtampa It is an open area for posting items of all sorts; be it brand-new or second-hand. Buyers and sellers in eBay capitalize on the feedback and ratings that they get from their transactions here and there. But since transactions are made through the virtual space, there is a big possibility that the person you are transacting with is not of good character. Thus, there is a risk that you might be dealing with a bogus seller or buyer. These complications may be avoided if you are being careful in all of your steps and at the same time by analyzing the profile of the person you are dealing with. Here are some other helpful tips that you may use if you want to transact through eBay stress-free.

a. Analyze whether the posted photo of the item is the actual image of the item being sold. computerdoctortampa Some items posted for sale in eBay are just making use of copied images from the Internet. These items may be just make-believe or are defective, which made the seller conceal it by making use of a downloaded picture.
b. Look at the feedbacks and the computed rating of the seller or buyer. Never settle for anything less than 100%. But a buyer or seller with one good transaction may be rated 100% already. That is why it is wise if you would actually read all or most of the feedbacks. Also, do not rely on feedbacks that are within 10 entries only. There is a great possibility that these feedbacks are fraudulent. That is why it is better if you would go for more feedbacks per buyer or seller to verify whether that person is not fraudulent.
c. Look at the posted price of the item if it is too good to be true. tampacomputerfix Some sellers are posting their items for sale on a very cheap price. Bogus sellers do that to attract buyers to bid or for a faster transaction, to buy it now. That is why it is better if you would check the item’s actual price in the market and analyze if it is reasonable in that price.
d. Ask more questions as possible to help you decide on buying. Do not buy right away without even asking about the item through the ‘ask a question’ link on the page. If the seller observes that you do not care about knowing the details of payment and the description of the item, then he will find a great opportunity to fool you.
e. Choose a seller and buyer that are willing to transact through PayPal and banks. These transactions are more protected than outside provisions in cash transfer. In case, the item is defective or the seller is fraudulent, then you may have a refund of your money. trueonefix But transactions through money pick-ups and door-to-door deliveries, you will not get your money back and the person can easily get away from it.
f. Always transact only inside eBay. If you find that the buyer or seller are not willing to continue transacting in eBay and insisted on having it through cell phone for a faster transaction, think again, it’s a fraud. They have more opportunities of playing around with you through their cell phones anytime and anywhere. That is why never give your personal details right away without checking if the person you are transacting with is of good background.
g. Make sure you are not being shortchanged in the shipping and delivery fees. You can already ask for the estimated price of deliveries online because cargo companies now have their own websites.
h. Check if the seller has provisions for defective items. trueonerepair Good sellers have descriptions in their advertisement on how many days the return policy is valid.



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