One of the newest crazes for kids is extreme fingerboarding. Tech deck fingerboards are, actually, miniature skateboards with all the components one would expect to find in the real thing. They have grip tape and the same awesome graphics expected in their life-size counterparts. techpiled

As would be expected, it’s easy to complete the same fingerboard tricks you can do on a full-sized board. Kickflips, ollies, nosegrinds, and even a 360 launch off your dogs head can be completed with perfection. The difference is that it’s not only safer, but can be done anywhere. Whether one is sitting at their desk at school or at the living room coffee table, fingerboards provide hours of enjoyment regardless of age. realisticmag

Many companies, such as Tech Deck, also now even create miniature skateboard parks just so some of the favorite tricks can be complete without having to pile magazines around the room and make ramps out of dust pans. These ramps often include finger rails, stairs, bowls, quarter-pipes, and even ramps. Mastering these are often just as difficult as perfecting the same tricks on a full-sized board. For more Info please visit these sites:-

Fingerboards come in variety of sizes and styles. For example, with the 96mm/3.77 inches model it’s easy to switch out graphic wheels and change the kingpin to suit your needs. With these options sticker sheets, bolts, hardware, and riser pads are all included. For those who become the avid hobbyist, there are hundreds of designs to choose from replicating that of top-of-the-line companies. Collecting them all can provide great fun and many alternatives during play.

These boards are generally about four inches/10.2cm long and come in various widths. The difference between this and the full-size board is that, as the name suggests, instead of performing tricks with the feet, they are performed with the fingers. For serious skateboarders, many have found that once perfecting the trick with their fingerboard it’s easy to translate that skill into tricks on a full-size board.

Originally created in the 1970s as homemade toys and later as novelty key chains, their use expanded in the 1980s after their appearance in a movie. When Tech Deck realized their potential, they began mass producing them and history was made. They are now one of the most popular toys sold in the US and there doesn’t seem to be an end to their evolution and popularity. Today, even hand boards are available and gaining in reputation.

Tricks like the kickflip can be accomplished relatively easily. You simply put your middle finger on the tail and the index finger on the logo. Roll it back then push it forward while pressing the tail with the middle finger. The index finger will glide up the board providing control. The board will leap into the air, but one needs to be sure that fingers stay in contact with the board and that the remaining fingers do not touch the board. As with the real trick, the hardest part is the landing since the board must come down evenly on all four wheels.

There are an amazing line of tech deck fingerboards available today. Regardless of age, anyone can become a skateboarder regardless of where they go. Although building sets can be fun, some of the high end skateboard parks available today that are designed to accommodate these tiny toys can enhance the challenge and perfection of tricks quickly.


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