Mediterranean cruise travel is booming! In recent years, more and more people have started realizing the excitement of taking a Mediterranean cruise ship vacation and enjoying the region’s culture, cuisine and natural beauties.

Consequently, cruise lines had to follow up on the growing need to cruise the Mediterranean sea: the number of ships that cruise in Europe grow with every season and many of them stay throughout the whole year.

In the past, attainable solely to the young men of privileged families who would embark on their months long Grand Tour of Europe, seeking out the Wonders of the Ancient World is now accessible to everyone, Mediterranean Cruise Travel thanks to fantastic Mediterranean sea cruise itineraries!

If you’re one of those people who still haven’t taken advantage of experiencing the Mediterranean by cruise ship, here’s our top five reasons why you should do so:

1. UNPACK ONCE ONLY: It’s magic… one day you wake up and you’re sailing past the Piazza San Marco in Venice… the next morning you draw back your porthole’s curtains and there’s the Dubrovnik medieval walls right in front of you! Instead of packing and unpacking, loading your suitcases into taxis, trains and airplanes, you get to party with your Cruise director’s staff!

The Mediterranean is a cradle of Western Civilization and you will have a chance to see the spots that you’ve only read about all your life!

From seeing where the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World used to stand, to visiting the birthplace of the Olympic games. From the amphitheaters where Saint Paul used to preach, to the streets Marc Anthony and Cleopatra once walked. From the Pyramids of Giza, to the house of the Virgin Mary. When you cruise Mediterranean sea, history and myth will materialize right before your eyes.

Or maybe you have some more personal history to pursue… looking to find that little village on a Greek island where your family’s from? Looking to taste the Sicilian cannoli that your grandma used to tell you about? A Mediterranean sea cruise can be a very emotional affair too.

Ships shore excursions are designed that way to take you straight to the must-see spots of your destination.

However, If you’re not a big fan of going out in the port with the same people you saw last night in the dining room, with a little bit of preparation, you can easily set off into the ports-of-call by yourself.

3. INDULGE IN THE EUROPEAN CUISINE – What’s really exciting when you cruise Mediterranean sea is that you get to taste different food every day! Now, we know your dining room headwaiter and your executive chef are taking good care of you but give them a little break and don’t’ rush back to the ship to have lunch! Instead indulge in real Neapolitan pizza, taste real Greek mousaka, souvlaki and saganaki, enjoy some apple tea in Turkey, don’t miss the fish and seafood in Dubrovnik!

4. GO CRAZY SHOPPING – Europe is the best place to shop in the Universe. Just think of Italy… it’s the birthplace of style and fashion! Think of all those handbags and shoes staring at you from the shop windows of some of the most elegant shopping streets in the world. What about butter-soft Florentine leather and 18kt gold? Turkey is the place to get a silk rug that took months to weave by hand. You cannot leave Venice without your Murano glass mirror or chandelier! And Croatia… did you know the Croatians invented the necktie? Dubrovnik and Split are where you will be getting your authentic Croatian silk necktie!


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