Electronic Arts always has to make some aspects of the Sims game play to be tricky. In the Sims 2, if you wanted to prolong your life you would have to purchase a special drink using your sim’s life points and if you wanted to bring back a dead sim to life, you would have to visit a special NPC in order to to bring your loved one back to life successfully. In The Sims 3, ambrosia is the new power food for doing both of these things.

When a living sim eats the ambrosia they reset their life bar in the current life phase they are in. So if they are 50 days into their teen years, kod na przyspieszenie ciąży the sims 4 then eating the ambrosia will reset their days to be 0 days on the life bar. They also receive a special moodlet called “Divine Meal” that is +75 and lasts for 7 sim days.

If you want to bring a dead sim back to life, then Ambrosia is your best friend. All you have to do is make the ambrosia and leave it out on the kitchen table while you currently have the ghost in your house. After the ghost eats the Ambrosia, they will instantly become a living sim again. If your ghost is not playable, then once the ghost eats the ambrosia he/she will suddenly say it’s time for them to leave at 6:00am and they become part of the townie pool. You will still be able to call them on the phone, invite them over but you will not be able to add the sim to your household even when using the “testingcheatsenabled true” cheat.

If you want to make certain the ghost sim will become part of your household, you will need to first restore the sim through the Landgraab Science facility opportunity. You will get a random phone call with the opportunity for “restoring a dead sim on the lot”. Then make sure you have the grave moved into your inventory and head to the science facility to restore the ghost. The ghost will then be added to the family and will be selectable. Then just have the ghost eat the ambrosia and they will be a living sim again.


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