Real estate in Istanbul is fast becoming a focal point of the city’s economic activity. With a typical Mediterranean climate, rich history, traditions and bright prospects that the city provides to investors, Istanbul is indeed a safe have and a heaven for real estate investors.

Investment opportunities in Istanbul are not just limited to the city’s real estate sector. For example, you can invest directly in the commercial portion that lies around the western edge. Areas like the Levant offer professionals and office goers with an ideal place to work in. Istanbul is also a moderately dense city with most density existing only around the older parts where streets get narrower and nostalgic. On the contrary, for more info please read this website:- districts like Gunesli, Bahcesehir, Sefakoy, Beylikduzu, Bakirkoy, Kagithane and Esenyurt are some of the best examples of modern Istanbul with properties in commercial and residential apartments, where you can easily invest in an office and get hefty returns. Besides, the city is always open to tourists and investors that are provided the best of security and advice by the government.

Let’s not forget the glorious historical past of the city. Once the seat of the Byzantine Empire, it served as a Christian stronghold for almost 16 centuries before being taken over by Muslim Turks. The city that you see today is the synthesis of Christian values with medieval Islamic touch. As the seat of the erstwhile Ottoman Empire from almost six centuries before being officially dissolved after the end of the first world war, Istanbul retained its ancient traditions while giving birth to a new kind of a civilisation that modern visitors witness. The remains of the once magnificent Hippodrome that carried out chariot races and ceremonial processions are still visible with two of its intricately carved pillars – the Serpentine Pillar and the Egyptian Obelisk of King Thutmose still surviving to this day. The hind portion of the Hippodrome called the¬†Sphendone¬†still stands and gives even the most layman visitors an idea of how huge this complex once was.

Mosques with beautiful calligraphies on their walls side-by-side images of Jesus and his followers are simply an awe inspiring experience. Who would not want to invest in such a city? Istanbul investment opportunities are immense and full of bright future. With some of the most well constructed residential apartments and commercial centers in Eurasian territory, Istanbul is one destination never to be missed again.


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