The one common habit of all successful mortgage people is their insatiable desire to continually educate and motivate themselves.

Successful mortgage people never stop reading, listening, and watching material that fills their minds with new thoughts and new ideas. They’re always looking for ideas to improve their focus, their memories, their business acumen, and both their mental and physical well-being. They just never ever stop educating themselves.

It is this desire that sets them apart from the rest of us. A gentleman by the name of Jim Rohn is quoted as saying:

“Rich people have big libraries…poor people have big TVs.”

Now isn’t that a bold statement? But, let’s not get offended, please I happen to have a good size TV just like you. And unfortunately, my library isn’t particularly large either.

When you think about it, the mortgage profession requires no formal education as a prerequisite, no formal training, in some states no licensing, and if licensing is required…only a very minimal class room requirement prior to testing. Plus, if you work for a lender, licensing may never be an issue for you.

And finally, if your state does require licensing and is like my state of Florida, only 14 hours of continuing education is required at license renewal time, which is every two years. Do you really think that seven (7) hours of education a year will put you in the position as “that mortgage person with all of the right answers?” I don’t think so!

Here is what most successful mortgage professionals do…

They just flat-out dedicate blocks of time to study mortgage and educational material.

They listen to educational tapes and CDs when driving or riding in a car.

They read educational and marketing material on airplanes.

They listen to an MP3 file if their computer work doesn’t require a lot of thinking.

They read an educational book or printed e-book while having lunch.

They come prepared to wait for services/appointments with easily carried reading material.

They attend meetings and seminars to improve their mortgage knowledge, their motivation, and their marketing ability.

They schedule their time to allow for some if not all of the above activities…and still originate a record number of mortgages.

In the end, if you can establish a pattern of learning and continuing education, you’ll punch your ticket and begin the trip to wealth and success in the mortgage business. Invest in your education and make time for it. It will pay you back many times over.

If you’re not currently dedicating at least an hour a day to learning and improving your professional capabilities, change the cycle and make that commitment now!

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