Silk: A New Sleep Experience

When we tried out silk comforters ourselves, we were completely amazed by their smooth and caressing feel, their lightness, and natural warmth etube – and it came as a pleasant surprise that they really weren’t all that expensive. Being quite impressed, we located a trusted supplier of silk products after long search, and then introduced the products to our online store.

In our search, we discovered that few manufacturers actually offer authentic silk comforters. Many manufacturers, accustomed to cutting corners and costs to hedge the market, use inferior quality silk floss in order to produce the least expensive finished products; more info please visit:- and unsuspecting merchants sell these products of low quality at unbeatable prices. It is our privilege to be promoting silk comforters in their traditionally pure form, as an enrichment not only to quality of sleep, but quality of life as well.

Fine Silk products are no longer the exclusive province of Royal and wealthy families. Absolute Comfort on Sale offers a full line of premium silk filled comforters, silk fleece blankets, silk duvet covers, and silk filled pillows – and each uses only the very best Grade A Mulberry Silk Floss. These health-promoting silk products come with a manufacturer’s 3 Year Guarantee and are shipped to you at no extra charge. There is also an option for exquisitely patterned 310 thread count premium cotton duvet covers to protect your investment.


Silk is a fine soft thread produced by silkworms as they create their cocoons, and is an amazingly supple, lightweight, and temperature-equalizing fiber. Multiple strands of silk thread are woven together in creating silk fabric, a long-time favorite of Oriental cultures. However, traditional manufacturing of authentic silk comforters used only the long stretched Grade A 100% Mulberry Silk floss.

There are at least three types of commercially available silk floss used in the construction of silk bedding: Short Floss, Wild Silk, and Mulberry Silk. Short Floss is actually one of the lowest grades of silk, obtained from broken or waste filaments and damaged cocoons, and is very short and non-adhesive – and feels more like cotton. Wild Silk is harvested in the wild from silkworms who feed on all kinds of vegetation. This type of silk requires industrial chemicals to process, and creates a more coarse, dark colored silk that isn’t nearly as luxurious as Mulberry Silk. Both Short Floss and Wild Silk are often hidden in the core and covered by an outer layer of Mulberry Silk Floss.

Long 100% Mulberry Silk is the ideal filling for silk comforters, as it is very soft and versatile, with the natural proteins that hold the filaments together just right. Indeed, Mulberry Silk fibers tend to range between 300 and 900 meters in length, and have a very high degree of elongation – up to 25 percent when dry, and up to 35 percent when wet. Mulberry silk is one of the strongest natural fibers, rating at 2.4 to 5.1 grams per denier. This type of silk also has a high natural luster and sheen from white to cream.

Why Silk?

Because of its unique temperature-regulating qualities, a high quality silk comforter will help you to stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Interestingly, studies have suggested that many colds are actually caught while sleeping – as a result of kicking off bedding that makes sleepers too hot. An Ultimate Silk Comforter will help you stay comfortable and healthy while you sleep, and enjoy every minute of it!

Silk is a natural fiber, and high quality silk is neither bleached nor processed with potentially harmful industrial chemicals. High quality silk also contains all of its natural proteins and helps to maintain an ideal moisture level – helping to prevent or ameliorate symptoms of arthritis and skin irritation. The 18+ types of fibroins and proteins in 100% Mulberry Silk have also been medically shown to help improve blood circulation and digestion during sleep, and to re-vitalize the skin and potentially slow down the aging process. Silk is also natural hypo-allergenic.

What to Look For in Silk

How do you spot good silk? There are at least five ways:

Sheen & Staple – The highest quality silk is pearl white and naturally reflects light, and the threads have very little if any broken filament structure. This silk will also be long and well-aligned. If the silk does not have a reflective white sheen or looks dull, it is likely to be bleached and chemically treated silk of an inferior quality.

Feel – Good silk feels very soft and smooth, with good elastic recovery, and does not have hard spots in the weave or staple. An inferior quality silk will tend to feel rough and uneven, and may possess fragments of damaged cocoons and broken filaments.

Smell – High quality silk will have a neutral or non-existent smell. On the other hand, inferior silks may possess an oily or slightly unpleasant odor.

Burn – High quality silk floss does not itself burn. When the external fire source is removed, any flame will immediately die off quite naturally. The residue of burned silk will smell like burned human hair, and be ash-like.

Elasticity –¬†High quality silk is considered to be stronger than steel wire of the same dimensions, while possessing the additional quality of elasticity. Indeed, the more stretchable any silk fibers are, the higher their quality. On the other hand, inferior grades of silk do not elongate significantly, nor do they recover well.

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