Learning how to season your Cast Iron Cookware properly is an important element in preserving your Cast Iron products. This article will explain the difference between Bare Cast Iron Cookware and Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Cookware. We will also provide information on the process of seasoning and when and how to re-season as necessary.

Cast Irons ability to withstand and maintain very high temperatures and its heat diffusion make it a natural cookware choice for frying, searing, baking, cookware solution grilling and cooking stews, etc.

Bare Cast Iron Cookware requires seasoning. This is a process of treating the cooking surface with oil to prevent rusting and to create a non-stick surface.

Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Cookware is ready to use. The Cast Iron Cookware is pre-seasoned by the process of coating the iron and baking it at an extremely high temperature. Purchasing pre-seasoned Cast Iron Cookware eliminates your time and effort of seasoning your Cast Iron Cookware yourself.

The first step to seasoning, is cleaning your Cast iron Cookware properly. If it is not pre-seasoned, new Cast Iron may be shipped with a food grade wax or mineral oil coating to prevent rust. The coating must be removed before you utilize the Cast Iron cookware or season it. A simple method to remove this coating is to use steel wool scrub pads and a light dish soap. After you clean it, you may also rub the surface of the pan with Kosher salt to smooth.

Now that your Cast Iron Cookware is clean, the next step is seasoning. The seasoning process is one in which a layer of animal fats or certain solid oils is applied and cooked onto the Cast Iron Cookware product. Fats and oils that may be used are lard, palm or coconut oils, more info please visit:-https://enterprenurworld.com/ hydrogenated cooking oils, etc. DO NOT USE LIQUID OILS! They tend to become sticky and are difficult to clean. Also, these liquid oils may add an undesirable taste to the foods that you are cooking in your newly seasoned Cast Iron Cookware products. REMEMBER: A well seasoned Cast Iron product has a very smooth and shiny black surface.

The best way to season your Cast Iron Cookware is to put it in the oven to warm it. Remove it and then apply the fats or oils to the cooking surface and place the product back into the oven, upside down. Place a baking sheet covered with tin foil on the rack below to catch the grease drippings. Bake your Cast Iron Cookware for 1/2 hour at 225 degrees. Remove cookware from the oven and wipe it dry, and then place the cookware back in the oven for another 1/2 hour.

Congratulations! You have now completed the initial seasoning of your Cast Iron Cookware! It is now best for you to cook fatty foods for the first 2-3 times that you use your Cast Iron Cookware to further add layers of seasoning to your products.

Sometimes it can be necessary to remove rust from your cookware. It is suggested that you soak the product in 50% solution of white vinegar and water for several hours.

*Do not leave your Cast Iron Cookware in the solution for any extended period of time. This solution can eat the iron!

We hope that this information has been useful to you. Now you are ready to enjoy cooking and baking with your Cast Iron Cookware! Some companies offer Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Cookware, like Pine Valley Trading company at mycastironcookware.com.



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