Not only is the kubaton key chain a popular self defense item among college girls, but also is the ninja prong key chain.

The ninja prong key chain is another kubaton-like self defense key chain that measures 5″ in length, contains a key ring on one end and a pointed tip at the other. It also has attached to the side two 2″ car ninja metal prominences called prongs sticking out 90 degrees from the main body.

This key chain makes a very effective weapon for personal safety. With this tool, not only can the defender use it similar to a kubaton key chain by using a jabbing motion and a stabbing motion, but also use it during a punching motion.

Like the kubaton key chain, a stabbing motion with the pointed end sticking out at the end of your pinky finger can cause some damage to a perpetrator’s skull. Latest foodie story

A jabbing motion with the keys on the key ring end can have a cutting effect with the keys being used as a swift blade.

A punching motion can be used with this tool by holding the key chain such that the two prongs protrude out from between your fingers while the fist is tightly wrapped around the main shaft of the weapon. In effect, this tool is three weapons in one and not just two.

The prongs on the key chain can also do some serious damage to your attacker especially if you use the prongs end to punch the jerk in the eyes. He will definitely be a blind jailbird.

Remember, your safety comes first. His will always be a distant second. It is better the he is blinded by your key chain than you losing your virginity to his attempt at sexually assaulting you.

I highly recommend this tool for women because you can hold it in your fist while you walk to the car or while you are jogging. Your hand will naturally be in a fisted position with this tool. Not to mention, more info please visit these websites:- you will be holding your keys ready to key into your house or your car. Not even the kubaton key chain will allow you to do this.

This product is easily concealable in your purse, or, for guys, in your back pocket. It is ready for action when you find yourself walking alone at night looking for your car. You have a choice of two colors: black and silver. More colors will be available soon.


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