You need to find an online shop? What’s the first thing you normally do?

You go to Google, or Yahoo or any search site, hunzabazar and click on “online shop” – and a whole pile of results come up. Most people don’t look past the first page, because they assume that the first result is “the best result”. Well – shock, horror – that’s just not true!

What??? Well…. a little known fact is that often – the best online shops are not the first shops – they could be anywhere in the 10,107,000 results that come up. You see – most online shops get on the first page of the Search engines through a technique called “Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)” – where they do a number of things (e.g. get links from other websites, use a certain keyword several times throughout the website etc..).

So… what do you need to do to find some great online shops, crazzyzone and some fantastic deals that nobody else knows about?

Well I would suggest two things:

1)Look through a dedicated online shopping directory – especially one that deals with what you are looking for. (So you could search for “wholesale online shops directory”), and then look through the directories that come up (so you are really optimising your search results). The same rule applies though – you don’t need to look at the first directory that comes up to find the best one (follow step 2 to find some good “unknown” ones).

2) Instead of clicking on the first page of a search engine (or even the shopping directory) – go to page 3, then page 15, then page 30… – most people won’t even think to dig this deep in Google – so straight away – you have an advantage – you are going to be finding products that people don’t even know about (and remember – these products are not worse – the websites just haven’t been optimised to appear on the front page of the search engines).
I not only preach this – I also practice this method. To find shops I always go to the middle of the search engines & work my way frontwards – the shops are easily as good (if not better).
If looking through an online shopping directory I always go to the back of the directory and work my way forwards.

As an owner of a directory I can guarantee you 100% that the listings at the back of the directory, are looked at about 95% less than the front pages – which means that you are going to be finding deals most people don’t even know about – because they can’t be bothered looking through the whole directory – they’ve already found something that interests them in the first couple of pages.

So…. if you are a distributor, chetakresult retailer or consumer looking to get your hands on a great product – use the online shopping directories, and search from the back forwards…

And that – my friends – is my tip of the day – Use it Wisely!


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