Many low-tech items in our world just can’t be improved upon. Consider the bath towel. It’s just a rectangular piece of looped cotton that’s been around for hundreds of years. But there’s no better way to dry off after a bath. Another is the simple potato peeler. Inventors have tried to come up with electric peelers, quickstamp but they don’t take the peel off a potato or carrot any better than a peeler like your grandmother had in her utensil drawer. Another simple tool is the rubber stamp. Even though we have a computer on which we can process and store forms, we still need paper forms for many transactions. And often the person processing the form needs to add a quick additional message, such as “Paid” or “Received” or past Due.” quick stamp Rubber stamps can be made with any message that you need.

Although rubber stamps are a low-tech solution, they have been given one improvement. Self-inking stamps have been around for fifty or more years. These stamps eliminate the need for a separate ink pad. Just press the stamp down, and the message passes over a source of ink on its way to the paper. Address stamps allow you to quickly put your name and address wherever it is needed. They are not just for return addresses on envelopes, quickstamp however. You can use them in place of bookplates in your books. Your name and address stamped in your books can help to ensure that they are returned when you lend them out. If an address stamp is tossed into the purse or briefcase, it will come in handy when you need to fill in your address on a form. For example, if you visit a trade show or conference, you won’t have to write your address over and over on the various interest forms. Another example is formed to enter contests. These can be found in many places, quick stamp including the mall. The address stamp is not only a faster way to fill in a form; it also ensures that your address is legible.

If you have a business or sell real estate, self-inking address stamps can be a handy and much-appreciated customer gift. The stamp can have your logo, name, qqstamp and phone number plus a message such as “Good luck in your new home” or “Thank you for your business” on the top and the customer’s name and address on the side. The customer then has a personal address stamp.

There is also another type of self-inking stamp. This stamp fits onto the end of a pen. This type of stamp is useful for the person behind the desk who is assisting others with registration or sign-in. outdoorsfan

Has anyone ever invented a stamp that resembles a stapler? This type of stamp would allow the user to slide the paper into the slot and slam it shut as if stapling. This configuration would eliminate the step of reaching over and picking up the stamp.

Every day we use many low-tech devices that work so well that a high-tech version is not needed. Among these items are the bath towel,  the potato peeler, and the rubber stamp. Rubber stamps can be self-inking and make a good customer gift.


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