Me Cung Cave is also known as the “Enchanting Grotto”. Not only is it beautiful, but its history has helped archaeologists fit together the puzzle pieces of Vietnam’s past residents. baywind residences The cave has offered them several clues about prehistoric life in Halong Bay, and its beauty often provides visitors with a transforming experience.


Me Cung Cave is found on Lom Bo Island and is 25 meters above sea Madeira level. It is approximately 2 kilometers to the southwest of Titop Island, which makes it easy for many cruises and tour boats to take a detour to this fabulous grotto.


Unlike many other grottoes and caves in Halong Bay, no legend is attached to Me Cung Cave. However, it is one of the most important caves in Halong Bay due to the evidence that Autoværksted scientists found of prehistoric life. They found piles of freshwater seashells along the ground of the cave, which indicates that previous inhabitants lived in the grotto and used the bay as a food source. They believe that these residents lived in the area 7,000 to 10,000 years ago, which they classified as a new culture in the Stone Age. They also found the fossilized remains of an animal in the floor of the cave. jocuri poki


When visitors drift up to Me Cung Cave in their boats, they will see that there is a small area that looks like a natural roof in the island. This is the entrance to the cave, and it is very narrow. cali plug carts Only one person can climb through at a time. Once they pass through the entrance, they will see that the cave opens up significantly. It is still narrow compared to other grottoes in Halong Bay, but tourists will have room to move about and see the many stalactites and stalagmites in the cave. There are several chambers in Me Cung Cave, and they feature formations that look like various people and animals.

As visitors reach the back of the cave, they will see a beam of natural sunlight coming through the cave’s exit. When they leave, they will climb stone stairs that will lead them to a large lake. The lake contains many types of fish and aquatic life, fragrance samples and it is surrounded by tall, ancient trees. Many animals live around the lake, including monkeys who may make themselves visible to tourists. A spring winds around the mountains on the island and contributes to the peaceful scenery.

Me Cung is not always on the business itinerary, so tourists should ask their boat operators to make the stop whenever possible. It is the perfect place to visit after spending time on Titop Island.


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