It may sound an odd thing to say but sometimes when you are starting out in business you can find yourself needing some help, but find yourself too busy to actually go out and get any.

So when you first start up your own business then what options are there when it comes to getting some help with administration and telephone calls?

Well you hire a temp, but then you have no continuity of service guaranteed e.g. they could get a permanent job next week, leaving you to waste time training someone else. Also you will pay a premium wage rate for hiring a temp.

Or you could take on someone on a permanent basis but then this is both costly and will result in you having to initially handle even more administration.

In either of the above cases you then have the issue of where are they going to work? You are going to need to rent some office space, but how much are you going to need and how long for? Take on too little and you may have to find larger premises yet still be leasing the current ones,but take on too much office space and you can be paying for dead space you are not using. drivingschoolintoronto

So ideally you would want a solution that could address all of these problems would you not?

Well if this sounds like your situation then maybe you should try out a virtual office services company. Many people think of them as just offering postal handling and telephone answering services, however these days virtual office companies offer far more services than just the traditional ones.

Firstly you will be able to use them as your companies business address, so if they have a good London address then now you do as well, secondly they can offer mail handling services for you, both inbound and outbound, they can also offer telephone call screening, whereby they answer calls in your name.

Where they now come in to their own is in the added value services they offer such as serviced office space available on a pay as you go basis, so no need to take out a long lease. You want more space? Then simply rent more from them. Not only is it that easy but the office space comes ready furnished and ready for use, so no big capital expenditure is needed. temp-mail

They can also offer people to help with admin on an “As needed” basis, meaning that you do not have any employment issues to cope with. This can vary from someone to do typing through to a translation service.


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