I would like to share with you my “unpleasant” experience as affiliate marketer, attempting to offer an incentive bonus of $500, trying to get a little extra income in my pocket, and why result in the end I even paid for purchasing the Magic Bullet System package. YTMP3

As internet marketer, you probably are well aware of all bonuses and gifts the Magic Bullet System affiliates are offering. This is one of the reasons why it succeeded in selling out in 9 hours! However, according some “leaked out” information sources the system can be reopened only for one single day for those people who could not take their seat on launch day.

If for some reason this information seems new to you, there are two possibilities: even you are occupied (may be with success?) in earning money or you have not chosen “appropriate” mailing lists.

Well, it’s time to move on! My inbox was literally flooded with e-mails promoting this “amazing” Magic Bullet System, and offering incredible (and in most cases over valued) bonuses.

No wonder that also John Reese, Gauher Chaudhry, Chris Carpenter, Mike Filsame, Frank Kern and other “big” names participated in this promotion. Initially I directly deleted tons of those emails from my mail-box, but gradually they started provoking my interest, and I found myself clicking in one of those links trying to find out what kind of bonuses they offer, what this “Magic Bullet System” was all about, and what the final price would be. Vintage Omega

There is usually a pretty close relationship between the bonus values offered and the products price. And when the big players participate, there must be some decent money to make.

What actually happened was that I broke the word I had given to myself, to not open or read any promotional messages that kept constantly coming into my mail. Useful ebooks, e-courses, required software; I already had it all to become one of the “big” affiliate marketers (as so many others that have failed miserably). But I won’t give up. This was the “miracle” I had been waiting for so long.

Despite that fact, I found myself signing up to, AND even viewing all three videos. What quite impressed me was that the information was really useful and I even learned some dodges of successful marketers that I think will come into good use. Youtube to MP3

I started understanding that the Magic Bullet System was a complete solution in the overall picture of affiliate marketing. If you still have NOT watched any of these promotional videos, which is almost unbelievable, the following information will give you an idea of the essence of Magic Bullet System:

I want to be very clear; the only information I have, is that available to everybody on those sales and marketing videos, and the following is only the result of my understanding, of what has been showcased there. Only the future will show, how much they have oversold the product, and who is right!

Primarily, the essence of the Magic Bullet System seems to be, that it claims to be a complete Internet based software suite, targeted towards those affiliate marketers who are non-technical, but still desire to automate their business as much as possible. hogar

We will see in the next article what they this is supposed to be. I will have to continue on the next video 1.2, where I will be going into more detail about the Magic Bullet System product, how I got hooked up, and how I “accidentally” started promoting the Magic Bullet System, the amount of money I lost -although, (or because) I proposed a discount of $500 – and how just one phone call changed my mind. For more info please visit these websites:-https://wyklady.org/ http://onlineearns.com/ https://webm-ccl.org/ http://instadatahelpainews.com https://www.craftline.at/


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