To start with, what is a dream? Dreams are like letters from sub-conscious mind to the conscious. More than that, it represents the state of your mind at that time. “A dream is the communication between our conscious mind and our unconscious mind, cheaterblox helping people create wholeness”, says Sumber, who studied global dream mythology at Harvard University.

Some people believe that a dream is just a “non-sense” of brain’s memories. Recent research and investigations makes us believe that they do have a meaning, either simple or complex. Some dreams nadiya are hard to interpret while some drives the point straight home. Also, only the person who experiences it can interpret it better than any other. The more the person remembers the dream, the easier it will be to interpret.
It is indeed fascinating to know that people of different cultures and regions share some common dreams. Let us look at some of them.

Being chased

This is one of the common and sometimes frightening of all dreams. Being chased represents anxiety, snake bite dream meaning fear or avoidance. Most of the times, they mean that you are running away from your problems. Knowing your pursuer is really important here. If the pursuer is a monster or a beast, it means that you are trying to avoid some issues. Also, the distance between you and your pursuer really matters as that denote the closeness or gaining of problem over you.


This is also a common and ever engrossing dream which falls under lucid dreams. In this type of dreams, we can partially control the flight when we realize that we are dreaming. Everything depends on how you fly; primarily representing the control of your emotions. If you are flying by gaining altitude, it may represent a boom on your confidence levels while instability in flying represents a fluctuation in your confidence or emotions. They can also represent power and freedom.


Sometimes, you may climb a cliff, building or any other elevation and suddenly fall from there. This represents your lack of control over situations or high insecurity. If you fall from a height without climbing, mbappe vriendin that denotes that you experience a failure after reaching a fair amount of success. To interpret this, explore the thing which is causing you insecurity.

Nude or Naked dreams

It is one of the most common symbols which represent your true self to others. Often times, your nudity is not at all at concern for others. This stresses up strongly that your concerns are your projections and doesn’t bother anyone. Being nude at public denotes that you are hiding something and you fear it of being exposed. It is interesting that sometimes they mean insecurity, sometimes freedom. Only, a dreamer can know it’s true meaning.


Literally, they don’t mean death (Some people believe that it is a pre-cognition of their death in near future, but is absolutely false) but can be scary. A dream of death of thyself or any other person represents a change, to make room for new things. If you dream of your death, it symbolizes your inner transformation or development. Losing a loved one denotes that you miss that person badly. However, death of a person can also represent that he/she doesn’t have place in your life anymore. So, if you dream the death of your ex, it says you have moved on.


It is hard to interpret this kind of dream as it has both positive and negative meanings; it all depends upon the state of mind at that time. The dream of snake biting you can denote your fear of something. A snake hiding can symbolize your fear of hidden threat and you need to be cautious about that. Sometimes, it can depict your sexual urges and temptations. However, this dream can also have other meanings like transformation or your creativity.

Running but unmoving from place

Sometimes, you dream of running but you go nowhere as if you are standing on a treadmill. This shows that you are trying to catch up something which you could not. Interpreting it may reveal that you are taking over burden on you and that won’t lead you anywhere.

Falling teeth

This is the most common type of dream. Teeth denote power, growing older, the ability to communicate or your perception of your attractiveness. Losing your teeth one by one depicts your concern about your appearance. Many a times, it symbolizes powerlessness or your difficulty in expressing yourself.

Dreams of being tested

A test represents a self-evaluation or you are scrutinized by others in your life. It can also denote that you are being unprepared for something. This type of dreams are common during a real-life exam or when your confidence levels are too low however leaving the true meaning to the dreamer.


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